Under this scheme, those who successfully complete the scheme by paying all installments will not be charged a making fee for gold jewellery. Additionally, there is a 30% discount on the labour charge for diamond jewellery and a 50% discount on the labour charge for gold jewellery. However, those who fail to complete the scheme according to the terms will not receive these benefits.


  • The duration of the scheme is 11 months.
  • Installments must be paid from the 1st to the 10th of each month, with amounts no less than the base prices (500, 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, or 10,000) set at the commencement of the scheme. Payments can be made online or by visiting the shop in person.
  • The scheme passbook is mandatory when paying installments.
  • The jewellery must be purchased within one month of the scheme's expiry.
  • The scheme passbook is mandatory when buying gold jewellery. Only members of the plan are authorized to close the plan and sign related documents. If members are unable to do so, their nominees should contact the shop.
  • The total amount invested in the scheme during a financial year must not exceed 170,000. Those unable to complete the scheme can purchase gold ornaments with the amount paid through their installments.
  • The scheme does not offer cash returns on the amount paid.
  • Agents are not available to collect installments.
  • The scheme is subject to the legal provisions of the central and state governments. The final decision on all matters related to the scheme will rest with Elista Gold and Diamonds.